Brew Timer : Find Coffee Recipes & Make Great Coffee

Explore the best coffee recipes. Make great cup of coffee with fully customizeable brew tracking.

  • Thousands of user created coffee recipes with 14 different brewing methods.
  • Flexiable process steps that allows you to create any coffee recipe you desire
  • Run recipe simultaneously while you are brewing coffee
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Slide & Reach

Play our minimalist puzzle game! Slide the stones to split, reach the target zones and fill the board.

  • Minimalist relaxing gameplay
  • Handcrafted puzzles with gradually increasing difficulty
  • Multiple ways for solutions.
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Vape Timer : Steeping Assistant

Keep track of your DIY e-juices steeping process and make great e-juices. This app is for vapers who make their own juices only.

  • Create timer for e-juice in seconds.
  • Detailed tracking of the steeping progress.
  • A quick guide for new DIY e-juice beginners.

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